Kevin Kang

Software Engineer | Website Developer | App Developer

My Services

Software Development

Skilled in full stack software development. Contact me if you have any development or consulting needs.

Web design

Website hosting, creation and design are all done by me. Full suite of services for minimal hassle and maximized efficiency.

App Development

Working on creating android applications for free in my free time! I'm also availible for freelance or collab projects.

A little bit more about me...

I'm an Asian American guy in his 20s with a deep and burning passion for learning about, analyzing and building things. I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs and thats where I started out.

Ever since I was little I was attracted to puzzles and making things. Legos, puzzles and board games when I was little, and making simple websites, learning to code among other things as I got older. I started my college career with Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. After working two summer internships at HP Autonomy in Chicago, I found that my true calling was Computer Science.

I think that it's magical how a combination of 1s and 0s, made with electrical logic gates are the basis of everything compter related. From those, we make operating systems, coding languages, compilers to make something like this webpage. We further built an internet to deliver this text I'm writing right now all around the world and right now to you. Or maybe I'm just a geek, I was chess captain in high school.

More stuff I do


I sell random stuff on eBay if you're interested! It's mostly just camera and camera accessories right now.

Space User

I wanted to put something here, like starting a blog on this website but that's not implemented yet, hopefully in the future!

My Portfolio

Here's some projects I've done, with many more to come!

HP Intern

May 2014

Paired with an employee to worked on HP Flow CM. Developed stress testing applications and generated statistic from these applications. As well as creating tools to pull and analyze information from server logs.

Commerical Web Design

March 2017

Complete web design and hosting done by me. From your mind to a web address, I can help you make it a reality! Here is an example of a website for a shipping and forwarding company I created.

Mobile App Dev


Currently working on some mobile applications for Android. Look forward to seeing them in the google play store soon!